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Happy weekend everyone!!

I love the fact that the weekend is here, because the Travel Channel (which is quickly becoming my favorite TV channel!) has a show called "Most Haunted" that goes around to haunted places in the UK (because that's where the show is produced). Once in a while they'll do a live show that lasts about 7 hours (each normal episode is 30 minutes long). Most of the time, the live shows take place in places around the UK and the network breaks them up into a 3 or 4 night special that airs in the UK, so Americans can't watch it :(

HOWEVER! There are TWO occasions where the Most Haunted team have come to the US of A: Last June (the 1st, to be exact), the team went to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The second event is taking place TONIGHT (Right NOW to be exact) in the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. The whole affair started (for me) at 9PM (on Friday) to 4 AM (on Saturday morning). At midnight Cali time (3 for me), they're going to hold a seance in the Seance room in the mansion...I can't wait!! They've got webcams going in 8 rooms in the house, including the room where Sarah Winchester died, her private bathroom (also known as the "13th" bathroom, as Sarah had an affinity for the number 13, with a Winchester Rifle as a "trigger object" inside), the seance room, the kitchen dining room, basement, the "Switchback" staircase (look it up, it's cool), and the "Daisy Bedroom," where Sarah was trapped for hours after the Great San Fransisco earthquake.

So anyway, if you read this before 4 am Eastern Time or 1 AM West Coast time, tune in to the Travel Channel for an interesting show...they've gotten some GREAT phenomena (tapping, odd noises, shadows, etc.) so far and we're only a little over halfway done (4 hours in out of 7)!

Here's a link to the Wiki article about the house:

Here's the page of the show, with a Winchester theme for tonight ( I don't know how long the Winchester theme will be up for, so check it out soon!) with all sorts of links, including to the webcams (which probably won't be up after 4 AM EST):

Here's the link to the actual house's webpage (it's now a museum of sorts):

And a few extra sites on the house:

I'm fascinated with this house because Sarah Winchester is from New Haven originally, and I did a project for my production class about the while Winchester story.

Happy haunting, and sleep tight....
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Today was a very bad day. A kid from my school overdosed last night and died.I noticed the police here this morning on my way to my oral midterm (there were 3 cars), but I didn't know why. When I went to one of the offices to have a meeting with someone, but I was told it "wasn't a good time." The school basically shut down at around noon today after everyone found out. Once the press got here, it was all shot to hell. People were so pissed at them because they were coming onto campus and harassing the students. Once Sally the security guard got to them thought, they were GONE. Sally is AMAZING. I love her so much.

The story is on, if anyone is interested.

I'm home now, so I'm already starting to feel better, I've got my mommy, my daddy, and my petses.
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This chakra is located in your solar plexus, which is just below the breastbone. The third chakra represents one's ability to honor and accept the self. In your case, this chakra appears to be clear and unblocked so that positive energy can flow from it freely. Radiating positive energy from your third chakra indicates that you've cultivated higher wisdom concerning the important life lessons associated with this energy center. You're apt to treat yourself with kindness. You're also likely to forgive your mistakes rather than dwell on them unnecessarily.

Whether they're allowing positive energy to flow or preventing it from doing so, all seven of your body's chakras contribute to how you are feeling on a day-to-day basis. When they're balanced, you feel energized and at the top of your game. When they're unbalanced, you may feel tired or 'off'.
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Mecca Cat

I find this amusing, only because the "pose" the cat is in reminds me of my second favorite yoga pose, known as "Child's Pose." For those who are wondering, "Tree" (standing on one foot with the other resting against the crook of your knee with arms stretched overhead with palms together) is my absolute favorite:

I also found a great website that has a lot of poses and step-by-step instructions for the poses, if anyone's interested:
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This school has a great sense of humor. The theme of homecoming this year was:

Our football team is "undefeated since 1926" because that's when it was phased out. We actually did have a football team, called the "Solfeggios" (For those of you who don't know, "solfège" is the method of arranging a scale using the syllables "do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do.")

And, I'm a dork. Like any school dance, they had a picture area, and they were using an instant polaroid to take people's pictures. I decided I didn't want a serious picture, so I did this instead:

...yes, that is a giant, inflatable football, and yes, I almost stole it :)

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You know your college life is sad and uneventful when you sit in the lounge for 3 hours watching TV, and an hour of that was the Disney Channel.
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Funniest thing I've seen in a while.
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Comment to this post saying something - anything - about me. I'll then put what you've said in my profile. This means that you can say I paint babies, and it will still go up to describe me to the world. Then post this in your journal, so we can do the same thing for you! I will leave it in my profile for at least a month.
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Okay, so I haven't been as religious about this as I hoped I would be, but there are just soo many cute entries on the site this week. Cut to save the innocent friend pages from pic spam!! ) people. BEST WEBSITE EVAR!!!!!

Oh, and rocks my world do.
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I just turned 18 26 minutes ago. I opened my big birthday box at 1:15, just 2 minutes after the official time on my birth certificate. I got some good pressies!! I got two books (Midnight Pearls: A Retelling of "The Little Mermaid" by Debbie Viguie, and The Faerie Path, by Frewin Jones), a Brita water filter (which I've been begging my mother for for MONTHS!), the Collector's Edition of my favorite movie, Serenity, and (the most exciteing pressie of all!) TWO TICKETS TO SEE THE LITTLE MERMAID ON BROADWAY!!! AHHHHH!!!!

I also got a really cute light up crown with maribou, fake jewels, and a light up '18' on it. I love my mother, she knows me too well. I think she read my mind the other day when I was thinking, "You know, I really wish I had a little crown or something to wear on my birthday!".

I really should go to bed now, I've got class tomorrow, but g-dammit, I'm just too excited!!
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I went to Six Flags: Great Adventure today! It's the best Six Flags park, according to a lot of people. I've been there twice before, so the ride to the park is a lot shorter (it WAS 3 hours before, it's less than an hour now!). I got so sunburned, I look like a tomato.

I rode this:

Kingda Ka (rode it twice!)
(link to it's Wikipedia page for those who are interested)
It is currently the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world
Height: 456 ft (139.5984 m)
Speed: 128 mph (57.22112 m / s)
Launch Acceleration: 0-128 mph in 3.5 seconds

Nitro (My fave coaster in the world!)
First Drop: 215 feet (65.5 m) at 66 degrees
Height: 230 feet (70.1 m)
Maximum Speed: 80 mph (35.7632 m / s)


Superman: Ultimate Flight (I didn't enjoy this wasn't very good)

Height: 115 ft (35.052 m)
Drop: 100 ft (30.48 m)
Max Speed: 60 mph (26.8224 m / s)

We did some other little things while walking around the park, but due to time restrains we were only able to ride these coasters (the lines are long, even with the Flash Pass, which helps make your wait a bit shorter!).

I got a bit sunburned, but I had a great time, and that's what matters!
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I feel so adult...I did my laundry for the first time without ruining anything!
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For some reason, I keep thinking, "I made a mistake coming to music school." Is it common to doubt your college decision on the first day of classes?
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Oh. Mygod. I just got out of Italian class, and I"m sitting here waiting for my Music Thoery class to start.

My teacher just stands there and chatters at us in Italian and expects us to understand what she means. After a while I started to get it, but I'm still a little terrified of the class.

I can't wait until the day is over, I want to take a nap SO bad.
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So! I moved into college a week ago (hence the lack of updates) and I've been busy getting acclimated. My roommates are pretty cool. They're names are Krystle (21) and Patrice (21). The age difference hasn't really made a big difference thusfar.
I've met a few guys whom I'm liking a bit. First off, there's Tom. Tom is a 20 year old Sacred Music major who lives on my floor. He's from New York by way of Chicago. Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend of a year and a half, so he's out (for now).
Then there's Alex. I'm not sure how old he is or what his major is, but he's really nice. His family lives in England. Sadly, they haven't lived there long enough for him to have an English accent. He's a sweet guy though, and he and I went into town (Princeton) with a few other people. He works in the Pub (the school "snack bar" type place), so I can go see him and flirt whenever I want. He also lives in the dorm connected to mine, so he's not far away ;-P

Classes start tomorrow! YAY! My schedule is a bit hectic on Wednesdays, but other than that it's fine. I'm taking Intro to Music TWeheory, Literature and Composition, Piano, Voice, the required Chapel Chour, and my two electives this semester are Life Sciences: Genetics, and Italian. I'm mad excited about my electives. I love genetics and stuff, and I have a background in spanish so Italian should be really easy.

So, I have nothing to complain about so far. My entries in here may be a bit scarce, as I'm keeping a written journal as well, so I apologize for any long times where there are no entries. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!


Aug. 25th, 2007 12:16 am
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So, as my 18th birthday is looming over the horizon (and I use looming as a term of endearment...I can't WAIT!), I've become quite serious about getting my first tattoo(s). My questions to all of you are:

1) Do you have (a) tattoo(s)? If so, where (if you don't mind sharing) and of what (again, if you don't mind sharing)?

2) Where did you get it done, and how did you find the shop?

3) How much did it cost (if you don't mind sharing)?

4) How long did it take?

5) How much pain was involved?

6) How long did it take to heal?

7) Will/would you get another tattoo?

I really appreciate all input on this post, meaning THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ONE! Much to my mom and dad's horror and dismay, I am really serious about getting two SMALL tattoos- a treble clef on my right foot and a bass clef on my left. Later on, I may get the same tattoos on my right and left wrists. I would really like everyone who has a tattoo to reply to this post, as I'm trying to gather as much info as I can before I decide to make the commitment 100%.


Oh, and just for fun:

HA! I WISH I were that skinny!


Aug. 19th, 2007 01:41 am
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Rain: most men don't include the words spaghetti, buffalo and pineapple.
Cheat: buffalos are so misused
Me: .......what kind of usage do you suggest Buffalos get?
Cheat: well...they're just generally misused
Cheat: i have yet to see a buffalo properly used and executed
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I miss my little Dixie :(
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