Sep. 3rd, 2007

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So! I moved into college a week ago (hence the lack of updates) and I've been busy getting acclimated. My roommates are pretty cool. They're names are Krystle (21) and Patrice (21). The age difference hasn't really made a big difference thusfar.
I've met a few guys whom I'm liking a bit. First off, there's Tom. Tom is a 20 year old Sacred Music major who lives on my floor. He's from New York by way of Chicago. Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend of a year and a half, so he's out (for now).
Then there's Alex. I'm not sure how old he is or what his major is, but he's really nice. His family lives in England. Sadly, they haven't lived there long enough for him to have an English accent. He's a sweet guy though, and he and I went into town (Princeton) with a few other people. He works in the Pub (the school "snack bar" type place), so I can go see him and flirt whenever I want. He also lives in the dorm connected to mine, so he's not far away ;-P

Classes start tomorrow! YAY! My schedule is a bit hectic on Wednesdays, but other than that it's fine. I'm taking Intro to Music TWeheory, Literature and Composition, Piano, Voice, the required Chapel Chour, and my two electives this semester are Life Sciences: Genetics, and Italian. I'm mad excited about my electives. I love genetics and stuff, and I have a background in spanish so Italian should be really easy.

So, I have nothing to complain about so far. My entries in here may be a bit scarce, as I'm keeping a written journal as well, so I apologize for any long times where there are no entries. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!

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