Oct. 20th, 2007

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Happy weekend everyone!!

I love the fact that the weekend is here, because the Travel Channel (which is quickly becoming my favorite TV channel!) has a show called "Most Haunted" that goes around to haunted places in the UK (because that's where the show is produced). Once in a while they'll do a live show that lasts about 7 hours (each normal episode is 30 minutes long). Most of the time, the live shows take place in places around the UK and the network breaks them up into a 3 or 4 night special that airs in the UK, so Americans can't watch it :(

HOWEVER! There are TWO occasions where the Most Haunted team have come to the US of A: Last June (the 1st, to be exact), the team went to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The second event is taking place TONIGHT (Right NOW to be exact) in the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. The whole affair started (for me) at 9PM (on Friday) to 4 AM (on Saturday morning). At midnight Cali time (3 for me), they're going to hold a seance in the Seance room in the mansion...I can't wait!! They've got webcams going in 8 rooms in the house, including the room where Sarah Winchester died, her private bathroom (also known as the "13th" bathroom, as Sarah had an affinity for the number 13, with a Winchester Rifle as a "trigger object" inside), the seance room, the kitchen dining room, basement, the "Switchback" staircase (look it up, it's cool), and the "Daisy Bedroom," where Sarah was trapped for hours after the Great San Fransisco earthquake.

So anyway, if you read this before 4 am Eastern Time or 1 AM West Coast time, tune in to the Travel Channel for an interesting show...they've gotten some GREAT phenomena (tapping, odd noises, shadows, etc.) so far and we're only a little over halfway done (4 hours in out of 7)!

Here's a link to the Wiki article about the house:

Here's the page of the show, with a Winchester theme for tonight ( I don't know how long the Winchester theme will be up for, so check it out soon!) with all sorts of links, including to the webcams (which probably won't be up after 4 AM EST):

Here's the link to the actual house's webpage (it's now a museum of sorts):

And a few extra sites on the house:


I'm fascinated with this house because Sarah Winchester is from New Haven originally, and I did a project for my production class about the while Winchester story.

Happy haunting, and sleep tight....

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