Apr. 7th, 2007

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I'm ready to kill my roommate. She is such a pig! I've spent the past hour and a half cleaning my ass off because our room is a mess. So my part of the room is clean. Problem is, by this time tomrorow, it's gonna be a mess again! AND, it's not like we have "sides" of the room, because of the layout (we have bunkbeds agaisnt one wall, her dresser and side of our desks and one of my movie towers on the other, the third wall has the back of her desk and the door and closets, and the fourth has my other movie tower, the back of the Love Sac, the fridge, and the back of my desk). I am seriuosly like, this close < > to just throwing all her shit away. It's my Virgoness kicking in. It's really funny, because my room at home is an absolute disaster, but here it's really, really neat. I think it's the pairing of her being a Pisces and me being a Virgo. Because she is messy, her messiness brings out the Virgo neatness.

On a side note, I'm falling back in love with one of my ex boyfriends (we didn't break up because of relationship problems, we broke up because of other pressures in our lives). This is not a good thing.

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