Mar. 30th, 2007

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I got hypnotized again tonight. Fun.

I'm a little pissed. Jaquie, Jason, and I had a fight over Christmas time. Jason and I have mended our friendship enough for now, but I don't plan on being friends with him after graduation, there's just too much drama llama going on.

So the problem is he's bring Jaq as his date to prom. I'm worried she's going to try to start something with me there, she's never been the most mature person. As a matter of fact, the last time we spoke, she called me a "dirty whore who doesn't deserve any happiness in life." Yeah, nice, isn't it? She's always been jealous of me, because
1) I'm skinnier than she is
2) I'm prettier
3) I have more money (her family isn't very well off, and mine is, which bugs her)
4) Not many people like her. I've always been better liked, and it pisses her off.
5) I get to see her boyfriend evry day, where as she doesn't
6) She's depressed constantly and I'm not
7) She's going to school for music, as am I, and I've always been the better musician, which she's jealous of.

So yeah, I really, REALLY don't want her at my prom, and neither does anyone else. I can't tell Jason not to bring her, because it's his prom too, I just don't want her there. We're not going to be sitting together anyway, so that'll help, but I'm also a better dancer than her. She's probably gonna sit and cry in the bathroom for at least 20 minutes, probably because the DJ doens't have "her song" or something as trivial as that.

Whatever, I'm gonna look better than her anyway, and I'm not burdened with a date, so I'll probably have a better time.

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