Mar. 28th, 2007

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Believe it or not, I had a fun night at work tonight. My co-worker Steve thinks he knows Yiddish, but he doesn't. I got called "meshuggina" by my other co-worker Toby, and Steve, being the genius he is, told me that I wasn't meshuggina, but that I was a loony. For those who don't know, meshuggina means crazy, but can also be used to call someone loony. I told Toby, and he said, "No, Steve's the loony. You're just a crazy bitch!" (He ment it jokingly, he's actually a really nice guy) Later in the evening, he walked in holding a broom, turned to me and said, "Hey Amy, you left this in a no parking zone!" I love my co-workers.

On the up side, my roommate has finally agreed to start eating again. She stopped eating because she felt like she "didn't deserve to eat. It was my fault." She is really pset by this whole break up thing. I told her if she doesn't eat, I'm going to call her mom. I'll be keeping a close eye on her.
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"I have a bowl. It's a really pretty bowl. It can go in the microwave. And if you them on top of each other, they hook. You could could have a top for your bowl. 'Cause they hook together, and click." -Karen, the one who disturbs me and my roommate constantly. And wants to know her inside and out.

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