Mar. 14th, 2007

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Depression is no fun. I didn't need to tell y'all that, I'm sure you guys knew. My usual vacation depression has set in. At some point during any given vacation, I get depressed. This time it's because all my friends live in other states, that guy (the one who was asleep last time I went to see him) has been saying he's going to call me. He's told me this every night for the past 4 nights. My phone has yet to ring. My friend Josh says I need a project of some kind, but there's nothing for me to do. I could clean my room, but that would take me a month. Maybe I'll paint the bathroom. Oh wait, I can't do that because people are USING that bathroom. There's nothing for me to do.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, the list of the 10 most depressing things in my life:
Cut for those who want to remain happy )

I had better, more depressing things in mind for this list last night, but I can't recall what they are right now because I'm not crying myself to sleep.

I'm going to turn on some lights now, because maybe they'll make me smile a little bit.

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