Mar. 4th, 2007

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So yeah, I said I wasn't gonna post until next weekend but I lied.

Last night was kinda sucky. I was supposed to go to some guy's house for a date, so I did. What do I find out when I get there? "Oh, sorry, he's asleep." OMGWTFBBQ?!!? I'm all, "OOkkay then *thinking: this is SO awkward turtle...I'm SO posting this on my LJ!*, don't wake him. Sorry to disturb you!" Exit stage right. Did I mention that he asked me over at, like 9 at night? I feel so bad for bugging his family!

Anyway, so I hopped in my car (*squee! My car! (It's actually my dad's car, but last night it was mine :-D)), turned on my techno feel good music really loud, and drove to the Youth Center for a concert and to see my friend Josh (ex-boyfriend, really good friend, human embodiment of he Awkward Tutrle). So loud rock music ensued, I saw my friends Jamie, Cameron, and Lee (none of whom I'd seen in quite some time), and total mosh pitting happened. When I left my ears were ringing and I was in a quasi good mood. Went to school to grab some stuff and show off my new earrings. And then, the best part of the evening? I went to Stop'n'Shop at 10:00 and actually shopped. It was nice, being in a big quiet supermarket at strage times at night.

So yeah, that was my night.
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I am FED UP with Karen. I am so sick of her whiny little attitude. She's being a total whiny bitch and is turning my roommate into her clone. Unfortunately, my roomate can neither stand up forherself, nor make decisions, so she's going along with it. Hey boyfriend is aslo being an ass. And I've been trying to help her, but she won't listen.

I'm done with the teenage angst thing. I've had enough of this ride, let me off. I wanna go to college NOW.

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