Jun. 16th, 2007

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Soi I went and got my blood tested today, and they did the "quick mono" test (she wanted a CBC). They call it the "guick mono" test because it takes 6 hours for results. Well, they called six hours later.

It was negative.

So now they're sending out for another test (A CBV, I think, but I may be wrong)which is more intensive, and will give a difinitive answer as to whether I have mono or not (The GOOD Dr. told me that it's always good to double check with the intense test) which takes three days to get results. So I'm not even going to know if I have mono, and if I don't, the mystery virus will be done by then. I wish I knew what I had. I mean, it realy could be mono, because I've been sleeping a lot, like 14-18 hours a day), my throat hurts like a bitch, I have gigantic headaches, and I have a really bad cough too.

My tongue isn't white anymore though!

So, as of now, I still have the "mystery virus," and I'm going on day 7 of this mandness. I'll post when I get results of my intensive mono test and let you know if I do indeed have mono or not.

Until then, I've got shopping to do this afternoon, and a gig tonight. Then I have all day Sunday to...um...I don't know. IF my Nancy Drew game comes tomorrow, I'll be playing that. If not, I'll be reading and sleeping.

Anyway, I should be headed to bed. I'll talk to everyone later.

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