Jun. 15th, 2007


Jun. 15th, 2007 01:19 am
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Ugh. I have been sick with a throat thing/stomach thing for the past 5 days. Well, actually the stomach thing just came on yesterday, and went away this morning, but who's keeping track? I went to the doctor, and he said it was a virus and it'd go away in a few days. Yeah, thanks Dr. Benson, you dumbass. He knows nothing, and my entire family hates him. Anyway, I called the Dr.'s office back today telling them that I had vomited this morning, and that I felt like my sore throat had spread. I also mentioned that this was day 5 of the evil sore throat and that my tongue had turned white. A SMART doctor, whom I like very much, called me back and said I get to have my blood tested for mono. So, my mother's exact orders for tomorrow (or later today, as the case may be) are, "Go get your blood tested, then come home and get better."

At least my dad will be home to keep me company; he just had cataract surgery on Wednesday and can't drive himself anywhere yet, so he has to work from home. I had the startling revelation this afternoon, however, when he came home without his eyepatch on. "Amy, this is the first time I've been able to see the TV without my glasses in 30 years!!" He has a patch on his right eye now, since that one is getting surgerized in two weeks, and his vision would be messed up with one fixed eye and one not. Does that make sense?

Anyway, since graduation, I had one sleepover with Jacquie, and have spent a pretty chunk of my graduation money (about $150) on books (and ONE computer game!) for me to read over the summer. I also bought a CD of my new band of the moment, Starship. I blame this on my father, as he's the one who introduced me to Jefferson Airplane, then Jefferson Starship, then Starship. I LOVES ME SOME STARSHIP!! And I've come to terms with my addiction to Feta Cheese. I wish I could eat some Feta right now, but beacuse of my stomach issues, my doctors put me on the BRAT diet for the next day or so (for those who don't know, the BRAT diet is Bananas, Rice, Apples, and Toast...not so yummy, and very hard to stick to when all you want to eat is McDonald's, Subway, and Feta Cheese!).

I have a gig on Saturday for Lydia's (my former music teacher Ms. Franks, who insists I now call her Lydia, which freaks my mom out) choir. Lydia runs the CT Women's Choir "Another Octave," (shameless plug- http://www.anotheroctave.org/), and they're short a soprano for the gig on Saturday, so I get to fill in!! I would be in the choir, except many of them are lesbians and for liability reasons they don't let anyone under 18 into the choir (insert childish pout here).

Other than the things listed above, I haven't been up to much. I apologize for the lack of updates, I've just been so busy shopping online, reading all the books I've bought (and I have more on the way!!), and staying up until all hours of the night (usually involving the aforementioned books). I still love you all, don't worry!!

Alright, that's it for now. Over and out!

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