Jun. 3rd, 2007

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I gradauted high school yesterday. I wish I knew what I could say about graduating, but I'm at a lack of words for once in my life. I'm going to miss my school like crazy. I went to Cheshire Academy for 6 years. I actually started bawling in the car because I realized I'm going to wake up next week and not have to go to school from 8AM-3PM. And that kinda scares me. I hate not having stuff to do, so being home alone every day for the entire summer (unless I get a job) is going to be terrible. I hate how I don't have a rommie anymore. I don't think I've ever cried as hard when I said goodbye ot Kayla, except maybe when we put Dixie down. I love Kayla! She's completely insane, and she's pretty irritating, but I love her to death and I'm gonna miss her so much!

And finally, I hate how everything in this post has to be written in the past tense because I don't go to CA anymore. Boo.

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