May. 9th, 2007

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Oh boy, have I got a bit to say. I'm not sure where to start, exactly.

I suppose I should start back at Christmastime. And yes, this is a long post, but I've put a cut up to save your friend pages, because I love you all like that. )

So yeah. That's my story. By the way, not that anyone cares, but MY DORM ROOM IS TOO DAMNED HOT! In my dorm, they can have either the AC or the heat on at one time (which makes sense). But they haven't turned the AC on yet!!! Argh! It's 84 degrees in here, with the fan on and the window open. IT'S HOTTER IN MY ROOM RIGHT NOW THAN IT WAS OUTSIDE TODAY!! (For the record, it was 81*F. That's like, 27*C, right Steve?)
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Everyone who has Skype needs to add me. And if you don't have Skype, you need to download it. Now. It's basically a program where you call people allover the world (Even Canada!!!) using the internet (and have video chats, and 3 or more way calling) for free!!! And, if you pay money, you can call landlines too. But you don't have to. It's better than IM or anything like that. It's so much fun! So Skype it up, people! I wanna hear from you!

My SN is AmySarah89.

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