May. 7th, 2007

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So this is gonna be a quasi-long post to keep y'all up to date with what I've been doing the past...well...since the last update.


On Wednesday I did something higly illegal. It didn't involve drugs, and I wasn't the only one who did it, but I can't give any more details than that (at least not in a public journal. E-mail me if you want more info). I can say I got some prety sweet pictures though.


Saturday was a sad day. It was my second-to-last closing night. I completed my run as Mickey in The Odd Couple: Female Verson at my school. I was the female equivelant of Murrey, the cop, from the original Odd Couple. It was a really bad show on Saturday night, a lot of us weren't on our game, and I screwed up the first scene. Some people got mad, which led to me crying in the bathroom. I was crying because I messed up, and because it was my last big show, and I was really tired and not feeling well.

And Alex (my friend who's usually an ass to me, in a funny way) was being really nice and sentimental, which made me cry even MORE. Goddamnit, why do people always find a way to make you cry more when they're being really sweet?

We pulled it together and finished on a strong note to a standing ovation, so it's all good. And we had a really fun cast party at a local diner, so in the end, it was worth it.

I've still got one more show, a comedy called Dearly Departed coming up. It was actually a total suprise that I'm in it, because one of the actresses left school two weeks before the show went up. I got my script that day, and now I have a nice, funny part to go out on. Did I mention I have less than two weeks to learn all my lines and stuff? I can do it, I know I can (and if I can't, I'm allowed to be on book for the play....I don't want to be, but if it comes to that, oh well.)!!!


Got mad at Josh today. Don't really feel like explaining.

I had a sick day today (allergies + bad cold= sick and unhappy Amy)
so I started packing up my room to help make moving out in June a lot easier. I've packed a total of nine boxes, and I've been working for so long that I've suddenly developed a sense of humor. Labels I have on boxes include things such as:
Give a Dog a Bone
Space Oddities

The allergy meds I'm taking have REALLY messed me up....either that or the fact that I've been on my feet packing since 2:00 this afternoon. I'm actually kind of upset that I still have 2 boxes left to pack with nothing to pack them with. The only stuff left is mostly stuff that's essential. And anything that isn't essential would be to insignificant to fill a box with, so I have nothing left to pack! My inner Virgo is coming out, and she's scaring me, because I also have the strangest urge to dust. I can't, of course, because of my allergies and whatnot, but I really, really want to, for some reason.


On a sadder note, I've only got about 25 more days of school left. I'm happy about that, but sad at the same time. I'm really hoping that my application at Barnes and Noble comes through, otherwise I'll end up working at Yale all summer. Yale's nice, but Barnes and Noble is like heaven to me.

I'm really excited about graduation though. If my mom invites, like, four more people to my after-graduation lunch, we're gonna have to rent the banquet hall at my favorite local resturaunt. How cool is that?! That means I would have, like, 25 people celebrating ME! Sadly, Jessie (my sister, for those who don't know) probably won't be able to come to graduation, because she'll be down in North Carolina working, but ce'st la vie.


H'okay, I'm done boring you now with my past week. Are you still awake? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?
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