Apr. 21st, 2007

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I have coem to a sad conclusion today. I hate Saturday nights. Why, you ask? My job keeps me until about 7:30 (sometimes later) on Saturday nights. I go to a boarding school where shuttles take kids to activities on the weekends. Because of my job, I miss the shuttles. All I do on Saturday nights is sit in my room, alone, listening to music. The only other shuttle on campus will take you to someplace local, but ONLY if you have a group of 4 kida or more. So I basically sit around and do nothing but be anti-social on Saturday nights. Sometimes I clean. Sometimes(like tonight), I sit and cry because I'm alone. My roommate goes out on the weekend nights with the girl across the hall (whom I don't like).

But hey, my mom just called and said I can come home to watch a movie with her. Yay :) Perhaps we'll call the A.O.D and I'll just go home for the night, since I'm going out with my dad tomorrow...

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