Mar. 27th, 2007

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I made my roommate cry, and I feel terrible about it.

She and her boyfriend have been having issues lately, and I heard a rumour (from a reliable source) that hea was going to break up with her at the end of the day today, and she had no idea. When she cam into our room today, I asked her if they were still together, which they were. She then asked why. I explained the situation to her, and now she's out in the hallway crying. Am I a bad person for telling her, or a good person for caring enough to ask and tell her?
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I have a new obnoxious habit! I write little notes to myself and leave them in really annoying places, like taped to the center of my monitor after I turn it off at night, or taped to my desklight or something! There are little colored pieces of paper all over my room.

My other annoying habits include:
Chronic Nailbiting
Constant singing/humming of Italian/French/German arias
Being addicted to teen novels
Eating Rold Gold cheddar twist pretzals by the bag
Forgetting to take my medicine
Obsessivly organizing (books by size, my 100+ DVD collection alphabetically, my desk to everything fits correctly in a geometrical way)
Rearrainging furniture in my head
NOT HAVING A PROM DATE (sorry, just had to throw that in there...anyone have a younger brother? Cousin?)
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