Mar. 3rd, 2007

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Ah, it's such a relief for it to be home. Taking a weekend away from school is nice.

Mom and I went shopping today to get new glasses and stuff for discovery week. I got sneakers, prom shoes, a new alarm clock, and camping stuff.

Then I got my ears pierced a second time, which I'm really excited about. My mom said I couldn't get it done until I was 18, but then she kinda just gave up. I am doing work around the house in exchange for it, however. Thankfully it didn't hurt very much. It hurt more in my right ear, but it wasn't much more than a pinch. I couldn't remember the last time I got my ears pieced (I was 12), so it was awesome when it didn't hurt.

Not much else to say, short entry today. Next weekend will be a good one though because I'll be able to write about discovery week. So, b ecause f that, there won't be any updates from Monday to Saturdayish, I think.

I have my last college audition on the 9th, so wish me luck!

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