Mar. 1st, 2007

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*sigh* I am so glad that it's almost vacation time. Tomorrow is the last day of school for 3 whole weeks! YES! And, as of today, there are only 93 days until graduation. Thank God. I just hope I make it.

Biko is going to be put down sometime in the next 4 days or so. Biko is my dorm parents' beagle, but I took care of her over Christmas break and she and I really bonded. She is like one of my own pets, except she lives with someone else. She has very invasive cancer, and it was just recently discovered she has a brain tumour, so her parents decided it was time. She's almost 15, so it's not like she hasn't gotten a chance to live. I'm just gonna miss her, she's such a good dog.

My last college audition is on March 9th. I can't wait to be done with those. I'm worried about the song I have to memorize for this one though, because it's in German. I've never studied German. The tune is easy, the words are....not so easy. Argh.

My roomie and I are back to getting along, although we're both mad at her boyfriend at the moment. He's basically a lying sack of useless.

That's all for tonight, I'm off to finish my Anatomy & Pysiology homework now. Yay (sarcasm).

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