Feb. 27th, 2007

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My roommate is really starting to piss me off. She gets mad at me for no reason. I was sitting at the dinner table with her and her boyfriend tonght, and I said, "B, you'd better tell K to return your movie to the video store, because it's racking up overdue charges!" (B is K's bf, for those who don't remember. B had asked me to return a movie for him, and K said she'd do it. She hasn't yet.) K turns to me and says, "Amy, shut the fuck up and go away!" FOR NO REASON! I'm going to go home this weekend to get away from her for a while. She's messy, rude, she keeps eating all my food that I pay for, and she is just getting on my nerves. The past two nights, B has called after lights out (11 PM) and she has full blown conversations with him about the most random things! Last night they were talking about crack. WHILE I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP! I told B not to call that late again, or I'd take the phone from K and throw it out the window. He said, "You do that and see what happens." Well, fine! I'll just tell the dorm parents that K is on her phone after lights out and they'll take it away so I can sleep.


And now the guy I wanted to take to prom isn't going. So I don't have a date, and I really don't wanna go to my senior prom alone. Boo.

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