Feb. 19th, 2007

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I am fed up. I'm through with this.

All weekend my roommate (K) and her boyfriend (B) have been essentially ignoring me. I opened up my house to them, and they've treated me like shit. Since the moment I saw them on Saturday (They came on Friday, I was out of state that night), they've done nothing but make out, whisper sweet nothings to each other, and ignored me. I mean, I love them both to death, but it's driving me crazy! I'm not mad at them (or jealous, as my father asked) for dating, since I gave them my blessing. I'm mad at constantly being the third wheel.

Every time I've tried to arrange something for the three of us to do together, something happens and they go off and do their own thing. Like today. I arranged for us to go ice skating and bowling. Unfortunately, B couldn't do those things because no one has shoes that fit him (he's a size 17), so even though she's fully capable, and even though she could split time between the two of us, K goes off with B. Then, while we're bowling, B comes over and intentionally screws up the score. Now, I HATE when people mess up scoring on things like bowling. I just HATE it. I like to have an accurate game to see what I need to work on and how much I lost by. So I was mad at him then, but I forgave him.

Then tonight, I buy a Pay-Per-View movie for the three of us to watch together, and they spend the entire time making out and talking through the movie, which I was trying to watch. I'm sorry, but I just paid $3.95 to watch a movie, not listen to you talk and kiss through the entire thing.

I can understand and appreciate that they're in the early stages of their relationship and whatnot, but it's incredibly rude to treat your hostess like this.

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